Getting Started
  1. MoneyManager requires a screen resolution of at least 1024x768

  2. Start MoneyManager/IPL from the desktop shortcut or the Programs menu.

  3. This step is done for you if you use the shortcut provided. Select File->Open and open the file c:\program files\IPL\Samples\MoneyManager.ipl

  4. Press the Green Go icon on the toolbar

  5. Press OK to Accept the offered Salary of £200, we have just started an imaginary week.

  6. Examine the Green Area that displays your current financial situation. You will notice that you have a value in the Total Owed item, this is the rent that you now need to pay.

  7. Move the mouse over the Rent picture and Left Click to bring up a payment box.  Press OK to make the £70 weekly rent payment.

  8. Move the mouse over the Food picture and Left Click to bring up a payment box.  Select the amount that you want to spend on food and press OK.

  9. Move the mouse over the Get Paid button and Left Click to bring up a the Salary prompt.  You are now into next week, if the bank balance is negative after being paid a £20 charge will be made by the bank.

  10. By clicking on other boxes, you can build up a weekly expenditure example to show whatever point that you are trying to get across.

    Utility bills arrive automatically every 12 weeks and TV licence bills every 52 week.

    If you buy a Car or a Holiday you are offered a loan or you can pay from your bank balance.  You need to click on these every week to make the loan repayments.

Departure From Reality
Screen shot
  • Interest on loans and credit cards is charged weekly. This is mainly to highlight the consequences of borrowing.

More Information
Coins Further details on the shops.

Side Notes
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