Copyright And Costs
Licence MoneyManger.IPL Licence Agreement
The Money Manager program consists of two parts both parts are copyrighted software by downloading and using the Money Manager software you agree to the licence terms. There is no fee due for using the software under this licence.

The first part the program MoneyManager.ipl
MoneyManager.ipl is licenced for use by any person whether real or corporate at no charge provided that no fee for such use is directly or indirectly made.

Any person using MoneyManger.IPL accepts that it a freebie intended for use in environments that its failure to perform is of no significant consequence and the program MoneyManager.ipl is not guaranteed to be free from defects commonly known as bugs.

Copying or redistributing MoneyManager.ipl is permitted provided that the recipient agrees to terms set out in this licence agreement and that the distributing person makes no alterations additions or removals to this agreement.

Modifying or deriving works from MoneyManager.ipl is permitted provided that such works are either distributed under the same terms as an unmodified copy of MoneyManager.ipl or the work is not distributed at all.

The second part, the Initial Programming Language interpreter
The Initial Programming Language executables IPL.exe and IPL.scr are only licenced for use with the MoneyManager.ipl program no other use is permitted. If you wish to use the Initial Programming Language for any other purpose you need to purchase a copy.
End of MoneyManger.IPL Licence Agreement

Download Instructions
  1. Download the MoneyManager.ipl installation (0.7MB).
  2. Unzip it and run the installation. Do not set a different installation folder, if you do you will need to change the program as it will complain about not being able to find some image files.
  3. The Initial Programming Language uses some Microsoft components that not everybody will have so you will probably need to download and install
  4. Run MoneyManager from the desktop shortcut.
  5. Click on the green circle with the word GO in the Initial Programming Language.

Side Notes
This section is intentionally blank.